Recent Developments in Personnel Neutron Dosimeters-alfa Review

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Only three types of personnel neutron dosimeters are commonly used for radiation-protection purposes: neutron film, type A (NTA film), thermoluminescent albedo dosimeters (TLD albedo), and fission track detectors. Deficient energy response and sensitivity, fading, use of radioactive material, and other limitations prevent any of these dosimeters from being satisfactory for universal application-use in a wide variety of radiation environments. The albedo dosimeter is experiencing the most rapid growth in number of personnel monitored. However, severe energy-response problems dictate that it be used with great care. New dosimeter concepts have been and are continuing to be studied to either replace or augment current dosimeter designs. New concepts include electrochemically etched plastics, hydrogenous thermoluminescent materials, differential glow peak formation in thermoluminescent materials, and many others. Of these, only electrochemical etching has been pursued seriously by a commercial dosimeter supplier. A great deal of work remains in personnel neutron dosimetry, particularly because current limits of neutron exposure may be reduced.

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