Neutron Dosimetric Measurements Using 3He Detectors

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Three 3He detectors were used to measure thermal, intermediate and fast neutron flux, and neutron dose equivalent rate. One is bare, one is covered with cadmium, and one is covered by a perforated cadmium shield and placed at the center of a polyethylene sphere. The neutron dose-equivalent rate measured around a shielded Pu-Be neutron source using the 0075 neutron rem-meter was compared with the doseequivalent rate measured using the 3He detectors. Experimental results showed that the 0075 rem-meter results underestimate the dose-equivalent rate. Consequently, the calibration figure of the rem-meter should be 5.6 counts/sec per 2.5 mrem hr−1 instead of 8 counts/sec per 2.5 mrem hi−1.

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