Measurement of Radon Progeny Concentration in Air by Alfa-particle Spectrometric Counting During and After Air Sampling

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A procedure is presented for calculating air concentrations of the short-lived progeny of radon-222 by the use of a alfa-particle spectrometry. The procedure, essentially an extension of those of Ken and Martz, allows the determination of the concentrations of RaA, RaB and RaC from one integral acount of RaA and two integral acounts of RaC with counting intervals during and/or after air sampling. A computer program is presented which calculates the concentrations of RaA, RaB and RaC in air and the accuracies in these calculated concentrations, for overlapping or non-overlapping counting and sampling intervals. The advantages of counting during sampling are discussed and the counts compared with those taken after the termination of sample collection.

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