Fixation of 60Co and 137Cs on Natural Sorbents From Phenol-polluted Water

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The interaction of 60Co and 137Cs with suspended sediments and humic acids in distilled and filtered river water was studied. The liquid phase contained various amounts of phenol. Fixation of 60Co and 137Cs was determined relative to the phenol concentration and the pH values of distilled and filtered river water, and was expressed as the percent adsorption. Experimental results show that the presence of phenol in river water has no effect on 137Cs sorption, while 60Co sorption on sediment particles in the pH range of natural water is reduced for highly phenol-contaminated water (> 5 mg/l). Thus, phenol-influenced formation of soluble organic complexes with 60Co is likely. The research on the combined effect of radioactive pollutants and phenol in water was carried out under simulated natural conditions. The results contribute to an explanation of radionuclide transport processes in phenol-polluted water.

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