210Pb and 210Po in Liver and Kidneys of Cattle-I. Animals From an Area With Little Traffic Or Industry

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The concentrations of 210Pb, 210Po and stable lead were determined in liver and kidneys of 40 animals from a mainly agricultural region with little traffic or industry. Median liver concentrations of 18.0 microCi 210Pb and 33.3 microCi 210Po per kg wet tissue, and median kidney concentrations of 44.0 microCi 210Pb and 178.5 microCi 210Po/kg wet tissue were observed. The specific activity of 210Pb was 161 and 132 nCi 210Pb/g Pb in liver and kidneys, respectively. On the average, the kidneys contained 2.37 more 210Pb, 5.05 more 210Po and 2.89 more Pb than the livers. The ratio 210Po/210Pb was 2.18 in the liver and 3.95 in the kidneys. Correlation analysis revealed significant correlations between 210Po in liver and kidneys, Pb in liver and kidneys, 210Po and 210Pb in kidneys, 210Pb and Pb in liver, 210Pb and Pb in kidneys, 210Po and Pb in liver, as well as 210Po and Pb in kidneys. No significant correlation was observed between the concentrations of either 210Po or 210Pb in liver or kidneys and the age of the animals.

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