Assessment of Occupational and Patient Dose from Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiation Exposure Using Thermoluminescent Dosimetry

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Radiation doses of occupational personnel exposed from diagnostic x rays, therapeutic installations, and patients were measured using thermoluminescent dosimeters. The monthly occupational doses from diagnostic x ray ranged from 0.1076 mSv to 0.5774 mSv, and those from therapeutic treatment ranged from 0.365 mSv to 0.657 mSv, which is within the dose limit recommended by ICRP 60. The patient organ doses were evaluated and found to range from 0.0615 mSv s−1 to 2.8823 mSv s−1 for gonad, 0.3676 mSv s−1 to 2.1088 mSv s−1 for thyroid, and 0.00972 mSv s−1 to 4.01 mSv s−1 for eyes.

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