Measurement of Neutrons Produced in an Intermediate Energy Heavy Ion Reaction Using an Activation Technique

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The fluence rate, energy, and angular distributions of neutrons produced by the reaction of 50 MeV/u 12C ions on a thick copper target around the experimental target in the physics experimental hall of Heavy Ion Research Facility of Lanzhou were studied. The neutrons were measured with threshold activation detectors. Aluminum, flourine, carbon, aluminum, and indium activation samples were used to measure neutrons with energies greater than 7 MeV, 11 MeV, 20 MeV, 50 MeV, and thermal neutrons, respectively. The fluence rate, energy and angular distributions of neutrons, total neutron yield of 12C ions, and the emission rate in the forward direction of neutrons with energies over 11 MeV and 20 MeV were obtained.

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