Socio-demographic, environmental, lifestyle and psychosocial factors predict self rated health in Irish Travellers, a minority nomadic population

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Irish Travellers are an indigenous nomadic minority group with poor life expectancy. As part of a census survey of Travellers (80% participation rate), a health status interview was conducted (n=2065, 43.5% male). In the final regression model, positive predictors of self-rated health (SRH) were having a flush toilet (OR 2.2, p=0.021), considering where one lives to be healthy (OR 1.9, p=0.017), travelling twice yearly (OR 2.3 p=0.026), taking a brisk walk weekly (OR 2.4, p=0.000) and non-smoking (OR 1.7, p=0.03). Conversely, SRH was negatively associated with age (p=0.000), activity-limiting ill health (OR 0.4, p=0.001), or chronic health condition (OR 0.4, p=0.002).

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