‘A place for healthy activity’: Parent and caregiver perspectives on smokefree playgrounds

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Restrictions on outdoor smoking are increasingly common, especially for spaces associated with children. In Canada, playground smoking bans are in effect in 102 municipalities. A survey of parents and caregivers at three playgrounds in neighbourhoods of varying income levels was undertaken in Edmonton, Alberta in July 2013. Respondents expressed very strong support for smokefree playgrounds, informed by knowledge of smoking as a health risk that was out of place. Levels of support did not vary significantly across the three sites. Social enforcement of smokefree rules was complicated by low levels of awareness, and fears of confrontation.Highlights102 Municipalities in Canada have bylaws prohibiting smoking in playgrounds.High levels of support for smokefree playgrounds were recorded across neighbourhoods of varied income levels.Social enforcement of smokefree playground rules may be limited by low awareness and fears of confrontation.Smoking is perceived as out of place at playgrounds.

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