Creating “therapeutic landscapes” at home: The experiences of families of children with autism

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This study explores the challenges faced within the home environment by North American families of children with autism. The study also examines the diversity and extent of physical modifications introduced by the families to alleviate these challenges. The concept of therapeutic landscapes is employed as a framework to examine how physical modifications transform the home environment into a place of healing for both the children with autism and their family members. Finally, the study offers a general design framework that can ultimately guide home designers and policymakers in developing friendly home environments for children with autism and their families.HighlightsThis paper further our understanding of home experience in the context of autism.It explores social, psychological, and physical challenges faced by families.Families introduce a wide range of physical modifications to alleviate challenges.Modifications shape therapeutic landscapes of healing with a few concerns.The paper suggests a framework of design goals relevant to each family member.

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