Interpersonal Concerns and Psychological Difficulties of Psoriasis Patients: Effects of Disease Severity and Fear of Negative Evaluation

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Psoriasis creates interpersonal difficulties for many sufferers, but little research has examined factors that contribute to the degree of social and psychological disability that a particular person experiences. In all, 318 psoriasis patients completed measures of psychological and social well-being, the severity of their psoriasis, and their dispositional level of fear of negative evaluation (FNE). Analyses showed that disease severity and FNE significantly predicted perceptions of being stigmatized, interpersonal discomfort, stress over others' reactions, distress regarding the observable symptoms of the disease, the degree to which psoriasis interfered with the patients' lives, and patients' quality of life. Furthermore, FNE exerted a particularly strong influence for patients who had severe cases of psoriasis.

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