If I Were a Band-Aid, Where Would I Be? Researching the Use and Location of Supplies on Two Patient Units

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Objective:The purpose of this study was to gain insight into the use and storage of supplies in the neonatal intensive care and women’s health units of Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.Background:Construction of a new Parkland Hospital is underway, with completion of the 862-bed, 2.5-million square feet hospital in 2014. Leaders from the hospital and representatives from one of its major vendors collaborated on a research study to evaluate the hospital’s current supply management system and develop criteria to create an improved system to be implemented at the new hospital.Method:Approach includes qualitative and quantitative methods, that is, written survey, researcher observations, focus groups, and evaluation of hospital supply reports.Results:Approaching the ideal location of supplies can be best approached by defining a nurse’s activity at the point of care. Determining an optimal supply management system must be approached by understanding the “what” of caregivers’ activities and then determining the “where” of the supplies that support those activities.Conclusions:An ideal supply management system locates supplies as close as possible to the point of use, is organized by activity, and is standardized within and across units.

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