Development and polymorphism of simple sequence repeat DNA markers for Shorea curtisii and other Dipterocarpaceae species

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Nine simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers were developed from Shorea curtisii using two different methods. One SSR locus was isolated by the commonly used method of screening by colony hybridization, and the other eight loci were isolated by a vectorette PCR method. Primer pairs were designed based on the sequences of all these SSR loci. Analysis of 40 individuals of S. curtisii from natural forest in Malaysia revealed that all SSR loci were polymorphic. Four SSR markers, Shc01, Shc04, Shc07 and Shc09, were highly polymorphic. We have also tested the applicability of these SSR printers to other species of Dipterocarpaceae using PCR amplification. Because the flanking region sequences of the S. curtisii SSRs were well conserved within this family, the SSR primers for S. curtisii can be applied to almost all species of Dipterocarpaceae.

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