The Role of Flumazenil in the Management of Patients With Acute Alteration of Mental Status in the Emergency Department

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1 There are a few case reports which suggest that flumazenil can be used as a diagnostic tool in coma of unknown aetiology but no large scale studies have proved its efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

2 Fifty five patients with acute alteration of mental status of unknown aetiology were enrolled prospectively during a time period of one year. Flumazenil was injected intravenously in a regimen of 0.3 mg in the first minute followed by alternate 0.2 mg, 0.3 mg doses every minute until a total dose of 1 mg was given or until the patients responded.

3 Patients were divided into two groups based on their response to flumazenil: Group 1, responders and Group 2, non-responders. The hospital stay was shortened significantly and interventional procedures, such as CT of brain and endotracheal intubation, were rendered unnecessary in several patients in Group 1. The Group 1 patients had a more favourable outcome than that of Group 2.

4 We concluded that flumazenil may serve as a useful tool in diagnosis and management of carefully selected patients with acute alteration of mental status.

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