Efficacy of 4-Methylpyrazole in Ethylene Glycol Poisoning: Clinical and Toxicokinetic Aspects

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Potentially fatal ethylene glycol intoxication in an adult with normal renal function was treated with 4-methylpyrazole administered three hours after the incident occurred. The plasma ethylene glycol concentration was 3.5 g 1-1 on admission. The metabolic acidosis present on admission resolved within four hours, and the subsequent clinical course was uneventful. The apparent plasma half-life of ethylene glycol was 16 h and the mean renal and plasma clearances of ethylene glycol were 24 and 25 ml min-1, respectively. These results support the hypothesis that complete blockade of hepatic metabolism of ethylene glycol is achieved by 4-methylpyrazole. The only side-effect observed as a result of treatment was a transient slight increase in serum transaminase activity.

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