The use of LISS femoral locking plates and cabling in the treatment of periprosthetic fractures around stable proximal femoral implants in elderly patients

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ABSTRACT:A retrospective review was performed of Vancouver type C periprosthetic femoral fractures treated using the Less Invasive Stabilisation System (LISS) femoral locking plate system. Five patients with stable hip prostheses (only one of which was an uncomplicated primary arthroplasty) were treated with the LISS plating system in combination with bone grafting and cables. The average age at the time of fixation was 87 years (range 83-93). All fractures united and all but one of the patients was able to mobilise independently. One case was complicated by superficial wound infection, but there were no other significant complications. One patient is still alive 50 months after surgery; the remaining four died a mean of 27 months postoperatively. Our results indicate that the LISS system is effective in the management of Type C periprosthetic fractures around well-fixed proximal femoral implants in the elderly, even in complex cases. (Hip International 2008; 18: 207-11)

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