Results using Trabecular MetalTM augments in combination with acetabular impaction bone grafting in deficient acetabula

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We examined whether the use of trabecular metal wedges to fill segmental defects is an effective method of socket reconstruction when used in combination with impaction grafting and implantation of a cemented socket.Fifteen hips in 14 patients underwent impaction grafting in combination with a TM wedge with a minimum of two years follow-up. All patients had their defects assessed using the Paprosky classification. Patients were reviewed with x-rays and migration of the implant was measured. Outcome scores were also collected.Mean follow-up was 39 months (25-83). The mean age at surgery was 67.8 (49-85) years. Seven of the patients had previously undergone impaction grafting with the use of a stainless steel rim mesh to constrain the graft. None of the patients had failed either clinically or radiologically.

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