The influence of aetiology of hip instability on the results of pelvic support osteotomy

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Abstract.Pelvic support osteotomy and femoral lengthening are sometimes employed in cases of hip instability. We assessed the efficacy of surgery following sepsis and congenital dislocation in relation to functional results.Between March 2005 and May 2007 we performed pelvic support osteotomy and femoral lengthening for 21 hips in 20 patients. Preceding pathology included congenital dislocation in 13 hips (12 patients) and sequelae of sepsis in 8 hips. All surgical procedures were performed as described by Ilizarov. The mean follow-up period was 33.5 months.There was no significant difference between the final Harris Hip Scores of the 2 groups. The number of patients with persisting abductor weakness was similar between the 2 groups. Complications were more frequent following congenital dislocation, and additional physiotherapy to restore knee motion was required in almost half of these. Patient satisfaction was higher in cases with sequelae of sepsis.

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