In vivo polyethylene wear of bilateral total hip replacements - cemented versus uncemented modular sockets

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Abstract.We assessed polyethylene wear and osteolysis in 15 patients (30 hips) undergoing staged bilateral total hip arthroplasties, who had a cemented arthroplasty on one side and a hybrid arthroplasty on the other. All factors apart from mode of acetabular component fixation were matched. Wear was measured radiographically using Livermore's technique.The mean clinical and radiological follow-up was 11.2 years for the cemented and 10.7 years for the hybrid arthroplasties. Mean annual linear wear rate was 0.09mm/year in the cemented sockets and 0.14mm/year in the uncemented sockets. This difference was statistically significant (p=0.03), confirming previous reports that the rate of polyethylene wear is increased in uncemented sockets. No periacetabular osteolysis was noted. Femoral osteolysis in zone 7 occurred in 3 hybrid arthroplasties. It appears not all patients are equally affected. These results are further discussed.

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