Medium-term DEXA analysis of an uncemented femoral component

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We investigated the bone remodelling around the AML uncemented femoral component using DEXA analysis and plain radiography in 19 patients at a mean of 89 months from operation. All patients had previously been analysed at a mean of 32 months after surgery. We found a decrease in bone mineral density around the AML implant between the two scans in Gruen zones 1,2 and 6 of up to 8%, but an increase in zones 4,5 and 7 of up to 36%. The increase in zones 4 and 5 were statistically significant (P<0.05). The relative difference between the operated and unoperated hips also showed a reduction in the bone density ratio with time, except in zones 4 and 5 where an increase was seen. We confirm the results of previous studies of proximal stress shielding and distal loading around the AML implant and demonstrate that bone remodelling continues in the medium term. (Hip International 2004; 14: 182-8)

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