Custom-made femoral implants in total hip arthroplasty due to congenital disease of the hip: a review

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Congenital disease of the hip (CDH) is a common reason for the development of secondary osteoarthritis at the hip joint and the need for total hip arthroplasty (THA). The distorted femoral anatomy in patients with CDH in combination with soft tissue considerations and leg length discrepancy complicate the procedure of THA and this sometimes precludes the implantation of classical industry designed femoral stems. In such cases a customised femoral implant must be used in order to optimise the fit of the stem to the femur, to improve strain distribution and to reconstruct hip biomechanics. The present study reviews the preoperative planning, the design and material selection of custom-made implants, the surgical techniques and the reported clinical results of the published literature on the use of custom-made femoral implants in patients with CDH.

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