Effects of potassium titanate whisker and glass fiber on tribological and mechanical properties of PTFE/PEEK blend

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Two series of 10% polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)/polyether ether ketone (PEEK) composites reinforced with potassium titanate whisker (PTW/PTFE/PEEK) and chopped glass fiber (GF/PTFE/PEEK) were prepared and characterized. We investigated the effects of the additives on thermal stability, tribological properties, mechanical properties, and rheological behavior. The results illustrated that the mechanical properties of 10% PTFE/PEEK blend can be dramatically improved by incorporating either PTW or GF; however, the reinforcing effect of GF was found to be superior. It was found that 1% additive resulted in blends with the best tribological properties. Compared to the unmodified blend, the friction coefficient and wear rate of the 1% PTW blend decreased by 7.2% and 21%, respectively, while the corresponding values of 1% GF blend decreased by 0.66% and 51%, respectively.

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