Brain Network Connectivity–Behavioral Relationships Exhibit Trait-Like Properties: Evidence From Hippocampal Connectivity and Memory

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Despite a growing number of studies showing relationships between behavior and resting-state functional MRI measures of large-scale brain network connectivity, no study to our knowledge has sought to investigate whether intrinsic connectivity–behavioral relationships are stable over time. In this study, we investigated the stability of such brain–behavior relationships at two timepoints, approximately 1 week apart. We focused on the relationship between the strength of hippocampal connectivity to posterior cingulate cortex and episodic memory performance. Our results showed that this relationship is stable across samples of a different age and reliable over two points in time. These findings provide the first evidence that the relationship between large-scale intrinsic network connectivity and episodic memory performance is a stable characteristic that varies between individuals. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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