A Broadband Excimer-Halogen Emitter Utilizing Xenon Bromide and Iodide

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The results are given of an investigation of the output characteristics of an electric-discharge excimer-halogen UV emitter utilizing a Xe/Br2/J2 mixture. A longitudinal glow discharge with an interelectrode spacing of 50 cm and inside diameter of the discharge tube of 1.4 cm is ignited at the working mixture pressure of ≥1 kPa and power input to the plasma of 10–350 W. A study is performed of the current-voltage characteristics of the discharge, plasma radiation spectra in the 190–350 nm range, and distributions of the brightness of radiation of molecules as a function of the pumping conditions, as well as of pressure and partial composition of the gas mixture. It is demonstrated that the plasma of the discharge being investigated is a source of broadband UV radiation in a system of bands of 253 nm XeJ, 282 nm XeBr, and 292–310 nm Br2*, which are joined by the radiation of resonance line of iodine atom with λ = 206 nm. The total power of UV radiation of plasma increases linearly with the electrical power of the glow discharge.

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