Spectral measurements of the probability of recombination of active particles of plasma on solid surfaces in chlorine and its mixtures with inert and molecular gases

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Systematic investigations are performed of the spectral characteristics of plasma of chlorine and its mixtures with oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and argon in a dc glow discharge under conditions of continuous modulation of discharge current with rectangular pulses which provide for 100% modulation of discharge current (Ptotal = 100 Pa, id = 11 mA). The possibility is demonstrated of using the relaxation (pulse) procedure for determining the absolute values of the probability of loss of chlorine atoms in plasma of variable-composition chlorine mixtures by atomic chlorine radiation. The absolute values are determined of the probabilities of loss of chlorine atoms on the reactor wall in plasma of mixtures of chlorine with the gases identified above, and it is demonstrated that the prevailing mechanism of the loss of atoms is the wall recombination by the first kinetic order.

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