Special Features of Mechanisms of Formation of Transverse Nanosecond Discharge with Slot Cathode, Confined by Dielectric Walls

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Experiments are performed and comparison is made of the electrical and optical characteristics of open and confined transverse nanosecond discharges with a slot cathode. It is found that the duration and shape of current pulse under conditions of open and confined discharges are significantly different and, under some conditions, the current density of confined discharge exceeds that of open discharge by more than an order of magnitude. Estimates are obtained of the coefficient of electron emission from cathode plasma, which significantly exceed the coefficient of electron emission in an abnormal discharge. It is demonstrated that the beam mode of primary electrons in the cathode layer during motion in the anode direction gradually transforms to hydrodynamic mode. The free paths of accelerated electrons in plasma are determined, and it is demonstrated that they reach the anode and have a significant impact on the dynamics of development and on the structure of optical radiation of transverse nanosecond discharge with a slot cathode.

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