The Application of Hybrid RANS/ILES Approach for the Investigation of the Effect of Nozzle Geometry and Mode of Efflux on the Characteristics of Turbulence of Exhaust Jets

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The efficient hybrid RANS/ILES approach is used for the investigation of the effect of nozzle geometry and parameters of flow at the nozzle exit section on the characteristics of turbulence in the exhaust jet. The calculations are performed for nozzles of different types such as conical and chevron nozzles and the nozzle of double-flow turbojet engine (TJE) with chevrons on the core nozzle. The effect of the foregoing parameters on the level of fluctuations of velocity and pressure in the investigated jets is demonstrated. The effect of off-design mode of efflux on the parameters of turbulence in the jet is investigated under conditions of supersonic efflux of the jet. The effect of misalignment of the core and fan nozzles on the flow in the jet is considered for the nozzle of double-flow TJE. Grids containing about 106 cells are used for the calculations. The accuracy of the results is confirmed by comparison with the known experimental data.

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