The Simulation of Turbulent Two-Phase Flow After an Abrupt Expansion of the Pipe in the Presence of Evaporation of Droplets

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The results are given of investigation of flow and heat and mass transfer of a gas-droplet flow after an abrupt expansion of the pipe using the Eulerian approach. It is demonstrated that the intensity of heat transfer significantly increases upon addition of evaporating droplets into separated flow (by a factor of more than two compared to single-phase flow at a low value of mass concentration of droplets ML1 ≤ 0.05). The addition of dispersed phase to a turbulent gas flow leads to an insignificant increase in the length of recirculation zone. Low-inertia droplets (d1 ≤ 50 μm) are well entrained into circulation flow and are present in the entire cross section of the pipe. Large particles (d1 ≈ 100 μm) pass through the shear layer and do not enter the separated-flow region. Adequate agreement with experimental data is indicative of the adequacy of the developed model for the calculation of gas-droplet separated flow in the case of an abrupt expansion of the pipe.

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