Pharmacogenomics: from bedside to clinical practice

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The field of pharmacogenomics has seen some exciting advances in the recent past. The Human Genome Project and International HapMap projects have uncovered a wealth of information for researchers. The discovery of clinically predictive genotypes (e.g. UGT1A1*28, TYMS TSER), haplotypes (e.g. VKORC1 Haplotype A) and somatic mutations (e.g. epidermal growth factor receptor), along with the introduction of FDA approved pharmacogenetic tests (UGT1A1*28) and the initiation of a genotype-guided clinical trial for cancer therapy (TYMS TSER in rectal cancer) have provided the first steps towards the integration of pharmacogenomics into clinical practice. This review describes some of the recent advances in pharmacogenomics research.

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