Replication of loci influencing ages at menarche and menopause in Hispanic women: the Women's Health Initiative SHARe Study

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Several genome-wide studies have identified loci associated with reproductive traits, such as ages of menarche and menopause, in women of European ancestry. In this study, we investigated the relevance of these loci in minority US Hispanic women. We utilized data from 3468 women who were genotyped as a part of the Women's Health Initiative SNP Health Association Resource. We replicated associations of eight loci (LRP18, LIN28B, CENPW, INHBA, TMEM38B, ZNF483, NFAT5 and OLFM2) with age at menarche, and of two loci (MCM8 and BRSK1/TMEM150B) with age at menopause. The MCM8 locus was also associated with early menopause risk. Three loci (CENPW, MCM8 and BRSK1/TMEM150B) were associated with the length of reproductive lifespan. We provide evidence that genetic variants influencing reproductive traits identified in European populations are also important in minority US Hispanic women.

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