A Spongia Case - An Epic Journey Out of Persecution from the Past

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This is a case of bullying. Bullying is an endemic modern-day phenomenon.Liz Lalor's case presentation will focus on the need for homeopaths to understand more about the management of trauma cases. The “never-well-since-event” or causation in anySpongiacase will always be “delusions of persecution” which have arisen from a real or perceived threat to their psyche.Spongiapatients are predisposed to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. The action of the simillimum in thisSpongiacase was reflected in the patient no longer feeling undermined by others' opinions infiltrating her psyche. A healthySpongiapatient will not abandon his/her own thoughts when he/she feel threatened (persecuted) by someone else's opinion.

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