Triticum dicoccoides: Mother of Wheat

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The mother of wheat (Triticum dicoccoides), similar to her sibling the soft wheat (Triticum vulgare), is a remedy that deals with questions within the family, issues of nourishing, parent-child relationships and parental care. However, the mother of wheat (being primordial, indigenous and self-pollinating) also deals with questions of legacy—what do I transfer to the next generations, spiritually speaking, and with questions of inheritance—what do I transfer on a materialistic level and finally with questions about roots—personal, familial and ethnic? In addition, the mother of wheat reflects a significant duality between the “good life” dimension, a luxurious, carefree and happy existence, a life of simple harmony, decorated with plenty of delicious and sweet pastries on one hand, and on the other hand, a mundane dimension of wheat, the simple dry bread which manifests itself as burden, worries, debts and bureaucratic life.

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