Homoeopathic Proving of Synthetic Rubber*

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The choice to conduct a proving on synthetic rubber was made because patients were expressing symptoms similar to carbon themes accompanied by sensations and references to elastic. A proving had already been conducted on natural rubber and a remedy made from it is available, but none had been conducted on synthetic rubber, which is a product of the petrochemical industry. The proving was conducted in Israel over a period of 2 weeks, which for most of the provers was the maximum time they could tolerate, the maximum they could be ‘stretched' and which was compounded by the fact that they were all laymen. Being a carbon-based substance, well-documented carbon themes did emerge, but surprisingly so did war and army themes. However, taking into account the broader picture, that is, the petrochemical industry and the volatile Middle East, perhaps the emergence of such themes was not so surprising.

In contrast to the above, images depicting the womb, loving feelings, soul-friends and tranquillity were experienced by the provers.

Rubber flexibility, stretchability, contractility, bendability and tensility were the properties that were observed on the physical and mental levels.

An essence of the remedy is not formed at present because the emerging proving themes still continue to create through cases its fuller meaning and implications.

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