Introduction to the Plant Theory

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This article is a short introduction to the Plant theory. It describes the application of the theory with the use of the Remedy code. The Remedy code is a short code of seven digits or numbers that describe the position and classification of each plant. It is a kind of short Materia Medica. The first digit stands for the kingdom, which is 3 in the case of the Plant kingdom. The next three digits stand for series as known from the Element theory. The next two digits, digits 5 and 6, stand for Phases. Phases are similar to the Stages of the Element theory. The difference is that there are 8 Phases, in contrast to the 18 Stages. The Phases are linked to the eight columns of the Carbon series and Silicon series of the Periodic system. The last digit, digit 7, stands for the Stage as known from the Element theory.

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