Treatment of Chronic Allergic Rhinitis and Sinusitis with Homeopathy

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Allergic rhinitis and sinusitis are one of the most common chronic upper respiratory tract medical conditions. As they occur simultaneously or coexist together, the correct term for these conditions will be allergic rhinosinusitis. The challenging question arises in mind whether all allergic patients are immune deficient in some way. Therefore, samples from well-diagnosed allergic patients need to be evaluated genetically using a candidate gene and a whole-genome scan approach. A better understanding of the pathogenesis and the causative factors responsible for increased mucosal inflammation is important for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Previous research showed the association between sensitisation tendency and the genetic factors associated with allergic upper respiratory tract conditions. More research needs to be conducted on genetic factors component for allergic chronic rhinosinusitis. Homeopathy offers lot of potential in treating various genetic disorders and it has contributed in treating patients with allergic, autoimmune and hereditary disorders worldwide. In homeopathy science, more research needs to be published which includes patient cases—who has been treated successfully with homeopathy medicines for allergic chronic rhinosinusitis.

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