The Animal Kingdom and Its Evolution—Seen from a Homeopathic Point of View: A New Important Research Project in Progress: Linking Provings and Sources

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Since there is great interest in new homeopathic remedies, new provings and new systems for grouping and understanding remedies, Homoeopathic Links wants to inform all homeopaths via this rubric about new developments. Proving conductors are invited to send their provings to us. We will mention the proving in the column and you can decide whether you also want the proving on the Web site ( and/or make it available by email. Besides sending the proving, you can also opt for an article about the proving that is restricted to 900 words (one page). In this article, you can include information on the substance, where to get the remedy, themes coming out of the proving and a very short description of the methodology.

The Web site where you can find all provings is

Presented here is a review of Paul Anderson Theriault's landmark book ‘The Table of Animals’.

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