Radiofrequency ablation-assisted liver resection: review of the literature and our experience

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Surgical resection is the best established treatment known to provide long-term survival and possibility of cure for liver malignancy. Intraoperative blood loss has been the major concern during major liver resections, and mortality and morbidity of surgery are clearly associated with the amount of blood loss. Different techniques have been developed to minimize intraoperative blood loss during liver resection. The radiofrequency ablation (RFA) technique has been used widely in the treatment of unresectable liver tumors. This review concentrates on the use of RFA to provide an avascular liver resection plane.

Methods and results:

The following review is based on two types of RFA device during liver resection: single needle probe RFA and the In-Line RFA device.


Liver resection assisted by RFA is safe and is associated with very limited blood loss.

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