The association study of threeFYNpolymorphisms with prophylactic lithium response in bipolar patients†

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FYN belongs to the protein kinase family that phosphorylates NMDA receptor subunits, participating in the regulation of ion transmission and BDNF/TrkB signal transduction pathway. Lithium inhibits glutamatergic transmission via NMDA receptors, exerting neuroprotective effect against excitotoxicity. The aim of this study was to find possible association of three polymorphisms of FYN gene with prophylactic lithium response in the group of bipolar patients.

We analyzed 101 bipolar patients treated with lithium carbonate for 5–27 years (mean 15 years). Twenty-four patients were identified as excellent lithium responders (ER), 51 patients as partial responders (PRs), and 26 patients were non-responders. Genotypes of the three analyzed polymorphisms were established by PCR-RFLP. Statistical analysis was done with Statistica.

No significant differences in genotype distribution and allele frequencies were observed between T/G and A/G FYN polymorphisms and lithium response. We observed a trend toward association of TT genotype and T allele of T/C polymorphism with worse lithium response.

The results of the study demonstrated only marginal association between FYN polymorphisms and prophylactic lithium response in bipolar patients. The results are discussed in light of our previous studies on FYN gene in bipolar illness and BDNF gene in lithium response. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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