Adoption Decisions and Implementation of a Community-Based Physical Activity Program: A Mixed Methods Study

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The purpose of this study was to determine the attributes of a community physical activity (PA) program that Kansas State Research & Extension System agents considered in the adoption decision-making process (DMP) and their understanding of evidence-based program principles. Ninety-nine percent of the eligible agents completed a survey that included quantitative and qualitative assessments of program attributes, delivery, and adaptations. The community PA program’s effectiveness, compatibility within the system, high reach, and ease of delivery most influenced the DMP. Success in other counties was also indicated as influential in the DMP by those who decided to deliver the program after its initial year. Concepts of group dynamics were accurately identified and adaptations were consistent with these principles. The results indicate that agents consider multiple factors during the adoption DMP for a PA program and are able to articulate and propose adaptations that align with the evidence-based principles.

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