Change of Community Readiness Over Time: Measurements of Reduction of Parental Support and Availability of Alcohol in Seven Communities

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Aim. To test the possibility of identifying community readiness changes over time. Method. Key responders in seven municipalities in Stockholm County were interviewed about the availability of alcohol and parental support. The results were analyzed with paired t tests. Changes in community readiness were assessed. Ninety-three key responders from the participating communities were interviewed three times each, resulting in a total of 315 interviews. Data were collected on three occasions separated by ten months from semistructured telephone interviews based on the community readiness model. Findings. Significant readiness changes were found for both issues from baseline to the first follow-up. In terms of the six dimensions of community readiness, significant differences were evident from baseline to the first follow-up for parental support and the reduction of alcohol availability. Apart from knowledge of reduced alcohol availability, there were no significant changes in overall readiness or in the dimensions from the first follow-up to the second. The findings of this study are discussed in relation to earlier studies. Conclusion. In communities with an initial vague awareness of issues, a change in readiness level occurs in less than a year.

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