Assuring Health Access and Culturally Competent Health Services Through the Latino Health for All Coalition

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Although the importance of health care access is widely acknowledged, less is known about how partnerships can help assure access to quality health services for those experiencing health inequities. This report describes implementation of collaborative efforts through the Health Access Committee of the Latino Health for All Coalition (Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas) to address its three goal areas (1) improving cultural competence through organizational change, (2) improving access to quality health services through access to diabetes prevention services, and (3) improving access and linkage to care via enrollment in health insurance. Using community-based participatory approaches, we documented and reflected on the pattern of activities facilitated by the coalition and its partners for each goal area over a 1-year period. This case report outlines strategies, activities, and lessons learned by coalition partners. This article offers practical guidance about how to structure and implement a coalition that provides technical support for increasing health care access and cultural competency.

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