Promoting aging well: evaluation of Vital-Aging-Multimedia Program in Madrid, Spain

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This article attests to the effectiveness of Vital Aging-Multimedia (VA-M, ‘Vivir con Vitalidad-M’), a psycho-educational multimedia program designed to promote successful aging. The program was implemented over 3 months through 35 h of video lessons grouped into 15 thematic units addressing four domains of experience commonly associated with aging well: health and healthy habits, cognitive functioning, aging self-efficacy and well-being and social participation. In accordance with a quasi-experimental design, a total of 115 senior citizens (aged 54–82) participated: 73 subjects attended the VA-M, while 42 subjects with similar characteristics served as controls. All subjects were assessed before and after the program on target variables related to the above domains of functioning. Significant changes in most of the examined variables documented the positive effects of the program.

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