Physiological and Psychological Expression of Personality Types

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In this study, we analyzed the physiological and psychological states of female college students using the typological theory of Carl Jung. It was suggested that the expression of psychological typological characteristics (psychotypological actualization) is associated with the actual autonomic, somatic, and psychological condition of the subject. The analysis of the relationships of the psychotypological actualization with the psychophysiological state pointed to their differentiation in relation to the psychotypological trait whose expression (actualization) was analyzed. Actualization of the basic Jungian traits, extroversion and introversion, was characterized by a stable state of the physiological systems. Low actualization of extroversion–introversion was accompanied by unfavorable (at the low limit of the physiologically normal range) autonomic and somatic states. Actualization of the psychological trait judging–perceiving was associated with moderate state and trait anxiety, completely excluding cases of low and high anxiety. Actualization of the intuition–sensation trait was linked with reduced adaptational capacity of the subject. Actualization of the thinking–feeling trait was not associated with the physiological condition of the subjects.

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