The use of the differential sphygmogram of the radial artery for estimating the pumping function of the heart

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A study was performed to evaluate the effectiveness of mathematical algorithms for calculating the volume and velocity parameters of hemodynamics from relationships obtained in the model of fluid flow under the conditions of increased fluidity (Poedintsev's model). Numerical calculations were based on the duration of phases of the cardiac cycle as determined from velocity and acceleration sphygmograms (SPGs) recorded in the radial artery. The measurement error of the volume and velocity parameters of the cardiovascular system function and regulation was estimated. The findings allow the methods of both contour and time analyses to be extrapolated from curves measured in the region of the heart and aortic ostium (kinetocardiogram, carotid SPG) to the radial SPG, making these methods much simpler and less burdensome for patients.

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