Evaluation of DNA fragmentation in teratozoospermic infertile men compared with normozoospermic fertile men and its correlation with sperm morphology

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This study aimed to examine the relationship between sperm morphology and sperm DNA fragmentation in infertile teratozoospermic men and fertile normozoospermic men.

Materials and methods

Semen samples were collected from 69 patients classified as infertile teratozoospermic men and 65 healthy fertile normozoospermic men (control). Semen parameters were assessed using WHO 2010 guidelines. Spermatozoa DNA integrity was assessed using the method of the sperm chromatin dispersion test.


Sperm DNA fragmentation was statistically higher in infertile teratozoospermic men compared with fertile men (P=0.001) and the percentage of fragmented sperm had significant positive correlations with morphologically abnormal sperm (P=0.001).


On the basis of these findings, it is important to assess sperm DNA damage in the diagnosis of male infertility. Our data also showed a negative correlation between the degree of DNA fragmentation and the morphology of sperm in semen samples.

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