The Importance of Replication: Comparing the Self-Expansiveness Level Form Transpersonal Scale with an Alternate Graphical Measure

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The Self-Expansiveness Circles Test (SECT), an alternate form of the Self-Expansiveness Level Form Transpersonal Scale (SELF TS), was compared to the SELF TS and two measures of similar constructs. The SECT is primarily graphical in content, but otherwise is similar to the SELF TS. These measures were administered to undergraduate students (n = 96) and a known-transpersonal sample used as a criterion group (n = 156). Acceptable patterns of convergent, divergent, and discriminant validity were shown among these measures, and the SECT distinguished the student from the criterion group. These results extend, and partially replicate, previous findings on the SELF TS, supporting its validity as measure of transpersonal self-expansiveness by demonstrating it is not dependent only on its format.

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