The Need to Treat Childhood Obesity with Holistic Methods: Why Pediatric Endocrinologists Do Not Use Multifactorial Treatment

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Childhood obesity can lead to serious health problems and has become a US health crisis. Although multiple factors contribute to childhood obesity, rarely is it treated in a multifactorial way. Pediatric endocrinologists are among the most qualified health professionals in this area, and their perceptions about multifactorial approaches, and the barriers prohibiting their use, for treating childhood obesity were explored. A mixed-method design composed of a qualitative and quantitative online survey administered to 63 pediatric endocrinologists, followed by in-depth semistructured telephone interviews of nine, indicated that pediatric endocrinologists do not believe they have the resources needed to successfully treat children with obesity in a multifactorial way and that they support the creation of a new professional role, obesity case manager.

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