Living Life, Practicing Psychology: Personal and Transpersonal Musings on Something (Not So) Obvious

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This curious essay explores an uncanny fact: Practicing psychology is one way I live my life, and one way our larger life lives through me. Although obvious, the significance of what is obvious is often not so obvious. This study (re)considers the relationship between one’s vocation and one’s larger existence, showing how an intimately personal and simultaneously transpersonal quality operates (mostly unconsciously) in our daily work. Consciously appreciating this can deepen—even hallow—our practice, for the benefit of those we are serving. This inquiry includes reflexive musings on personal and transpersonal dimensions of interpretative reflexivity, with implications for qualitative research, psychotherapy, ecopsychology, and beyond. Existential questions regarding ethics, time, love, life, and life’s calling are explored through personal stories, phenomenology, contemplative spirituality, and poetry.

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