Remembering Mike Arons (1929–2008): An Annotated Bibliography

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This article commemorates the life and works of Dr. Myron Milford “Mike” Arons (1929–2008), recognized internationally as one of the founders of humanistic psychology. Although Arons contributed exhaustively to humanistic psychology and he presented extensively during his career, on the whole he published relatively little—and sometimes in publications of limited circulation. This article presents an annotated bibliography of as complete a collection of his writings as possible as both a tribute to his memory and a gateway to reflection and scholarship by future generations of humanistic psychologists who did not have the privilege to know Arons. Following an overview of his work and a biographical sketch, Arons’ papers are presented thematically in 7 sections: (a) his inspiration and influences; (b) history and evolution of humanistic psychology; (c) humanistic education; (d) creativity; (e) research (experimental studies, the hermeneutic method, intuition, psi phenomena, and human science research in psychology); (f) humanistic ethics; and (g) Arons’ final musings. The article concludes with a discussion about the relevance of Arons’ works today.

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