Parents' knowledge about the donors and their attitudes toward disclosure in oocyte donation

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Oocyte donation is a popular treatment optionamong women with ovarian dysfunction. Little is known about the amount ofinformation recipients have about their donors and if the amount ofinformation the couple has relates to their plans to disclose. The purposeof this study was to assess the amount of information recipients had abouttheir donors and their disclosure plans.


Sixty-two sets ofoocyte donation parents from five programmes completed a self-reportquestionnaire.


Ninety percent of both men and women knew theirdonor’s age, ethnicity, hair colour, eye colour, height, weight,education and medical history. Significantly more women than men toldothers about using a donor to conceive, but two-thirds of women andmen would not tell others if they had to do it over again. Fifty-ninepercent of women and 52% of men planned to or had told their child;34% of women and 41% of men do not plan to tell. The amountof information known about the donor was related to plans to tell the childfor men only.


Approximately half of couples plan to tell theirchild of their oocyte donor origin and a majority have told others but manyregret having done so. Knowledge about the donor is related to disclosurefor men only.

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